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On-site, confidential resource for employees

Success Coaches serve as a direct conduit to community resources & services that provide fast relief for many issues that employees face, including reliable transportation, workplace conflict, childcare, housing challenges, family challenges, etc.

Success Coaches are a confidential service available to assist employees through difficult work, home, or life issues. We connect employees with resources, advocate for and coach them through real life situations like receiving a disconnect notice from National Grid or some financial stress due to debt, student loans or just making ends meet.

The onsite Success Coach is a confidential resource that employees can access on a predictable, ongoing basis.

If it weighs heavy on your mind, heavy on your heart or gives you a pit in your stomach...visit your success coach!

Helping employers retain workers...

When was the last time you took a close look at your employee benefits package, or took full advantage of it?

Most employers invest heavily in employee benefits, but lots of employees fail to realize or utilize the full scope of what they're offered. That's why a growing number of employers are making an additional investment that increases the utilization of those benefits and helps with employee retention.

They're bringing a "success coach" into their workplace. The coach creates trusted relationships with workers and points them to services that help them manage issues in their personal life – anything from finding affordable child care to caring for an elderly parent.

More than 10,000 employees in the Albany, New York, region now have access to a success coach though the Employee Resource Network, which is run by Schenectady Works and the City Mission.

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Heritage Christian Services

Heritage Christian Services

Marianne Durrant, Director Employment Alliance and Employer Resource Network

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  • Catholic Charities - Family and Community Services
  • EPI
  • Expressive Beginnings Childcare
  • FF Thompson
  • Heritage Christian Services
  • MVP Healthcare
  • People, Inc.
  • Rochester Childfirst Network
  • St. Ann’s Community
  • Trillium Health
  • Villa of Hope

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