North Country ERN

Founded: 2016
North Country ERN

88% Employee Retention Rate


311% Return on Investment (ROI)


1821 new referrals to Coaches


230 distinct engaged employees since '16



Success Coaches become a Manager's "best friend"

Working alongside HR, managers, supervisors, and organizational leaders...
By scheduling time on a weekly basis to be on site and to meet face-to-face with your employees helping them confidentially navigate through life’s challenges.
Immersing ourselves in your workplace culture and becoming a part of the team, working to successfully achieve retention goals by helping your employees become loyal, productive members of the team.

On-site confidential resource for employees

Success Coaches serve as a direct conduit to community resources & services that provide fast relief for many issues that employees face, including reliable transportation, workplace conflict, childcare, housing challenges, family challenges, etc.

Success Coaches are a confidential service available to assist employees through difficult work, home, or life issues. We connect employees with resources, advocate for and coach them through real life situations like receiving a disconnect notice from National Grid or some financial stress due to debt, student loans or just making ends meet.

The onsite Success Coach is a confidential resource that employees can access on a predictable, ongoing basis.

If it weighs heavy on your mind, heavy on your heart or gives you a pit in your stomach...visit your success coach!

Increasing utilization of other employee benefits!

As Success Coaches build trust with employees through their confidential, regular presence in the workplace, many businesses are seeing increased utilization of other benefits such as support via EAP, proper use of time off, and training opportunities.
Coaches are able to clarify benefits so they are more easily understood by employees resulting in more consistent utilization & engagement.

  Success Coaches


Adonist Barber


Adonist is dedicated to assisting others in understanding their true value and strengths while empowering them to be successful within the workplace and in their personal lives.

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Schenectady Works | City Mission of Schenectady

Schenectady Works | City Mission of Schenectady

James Vander Hulst, Chief Disruptive Officier, ERN USA

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